Hi all!!
Just a quick post tonight… I’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately around here, school for my boys is wrapping up, summer is coming quickly and a lot of personal growth has been forcing it’s way into my life.
I am probably one of the most stubborn people I know, which I say proudly, but sometimes it gets me in trouble!! Sometimes change has to come even when we aren’t ready, expectations have to be let down in order to see our true path. I’ve been forced to make decisions to let the negativity and presence of what others think, determine my happiness, or to let it roll away. And unfortunately I have been letting it effect me more than I ever should. It has become habit to worry. Now I’m in the mode of trying to breaking the cycle, and letting go! Sometimes when a feeling becomes habit, even a bad feeling, it’s hard to let them go because it’s become all you know and expect… So today, let go, even for a second, and smile… Don’t let the outside get to the inside. Stay true to who you know you are! Don’t let what people think of you change you. This has been my own little pep talk lately and I hope that maybe it will encourage some of you too….