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Hello all!!
Well, the sunshine has finally arrived here where I’m at in Washington, none too soon! I am a total summer girl! I spent at least a month every summer growing up visiting my dad down in California and absolutely crave SUNSHINE! This summer my husband and I are planning a road trip down the coast from Portland to San Francisco area, and I have been diligently shopping and hoarding gathering cute clothes, fun new items and summer essentials for our trip!! With my birthday on May 1st I got completely spoiled and had a nice chunk to spend at H&M and F21 so I’m getting a head start on the cute clothes… But, underneath it all, your skin and hair are what need the MOST attention when the heat is on! I am a budget conscious girl, so this stuff is easy to find at your local drugstore, Target, Walmart or Amazon… A few of my favorite beauty items gearing up for the summer have been: (THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS, these companies have NOT given me any goodies or bribed me to say nice things)

1. Maui Babe Browning Lotion
I got mine off Amazon and am already noticing nice tan glow, just don’t wear white while using it, because like the name, it will stain them brown!!

2. Loreal Silky Sheer BB tinted Sunscreen, SPF50.
This stuff is SO light weight, I have sensitive skin and I am not bothered by it or breakouts from it one bit! I have NEVER been big on sunscreen, but let’s face it, nobody wants their skin, especially on their face to look like a old leather saddle, so I have decided to be diligent about SPF on my face at the least! (Bonus: the browning lotion works OVER sunscreen!! Win win.)

3. I am a lip balm Junkie! I seriously have at least 4 in my purse, but, my favorite for Summer is Hawaiian Tropic Tropical Flavor SPF45. It’s delicious!

4. OGX (Organix) Coconut Milk Conditioner, it smells like vacation and leaves your locks silky!!

5. Last but not least!! Dry Shampoo. I have tried A LOT and my favorite drugstore brand is Dove. I think it smells the best and gives the perfect amount of texture… Others I’ve tried are Not My Mothers Clean Freak dry shampoo, and Suave (which smells like Mangoes) but I honestly kept looking for something more, and then I tried the Dove, it will be stocked in my bathroom from now on!

Hope you all enjoy the Sunshine!!