Ok. So I had a post all ready to go, and then, an amazing conversation with my husband happened… and that post turned into this one!
Having a “blended family”, we encounter a lot of issues a traditional family unit doesn’t. His three, that aren’t here all the time, my three that are, and our one together (yep, that’s 7 total!!)… I know you’re thinking “The Brady Bunch” right?? This has brought us on a journey neither of us were really prepared for or sure how to navigate! A lot of our time is put into kids. Because we don’t have a lot of “us” time without kids life gets overwhelming. I know you’re all probably thinking “duh. When you have kids, couple time is gone!” Well for us it’s not just a want, it’s life and death! Finding that beautiful balance of giving children the time they need and want, including children that aren’t “yours”, and finding time for your love. The one you chose for eternity. The one that will still be by your side when the kids are gone!
I have been thinking lately about how I felt as a child. A memory we often don’t take time to reflect on, and it occurred to me my memories and my perception of my parents has less to do with “events” and more about feelings.
I often worry about how I am is going to affect my kids, how they will look back on their childhood and remember our family and life at home. Will they remember I didn’t buy them a certain toy? Will they care that I didn’t sit on the floor and play cars? I don’t remember my mom sitting and playing with me, she didn’t spend her day entertaining me. Sure, she did fun stuff that I have wonderful memories of, but what I remember most is how I felt!
I knew the love between her and my stepdad was a priority to her, but it didn’t make me feel left out, or less important, it made me feel safe! I think a lot if parents (especially those in blended families) feel like they have to DO more to make up for absence, or the lack of that they see in their children, but the most valuable thing they can give them is a happy home, and the memory of knowing mom and dad (stepparent or not) were happy together. Make your spouse a priority, and your kids will benefit in a way that you could never imagine! What a win-win 😉

stay tuned for my next post!!
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