Let It Go.

Hi all!!
Just a quick post tonight… I’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately around here, school for my boys is wrapping up, summer is coming quickly and a lot of personal growth has been forcing it’s way into my life.
I am probably one of the most stubborn people I know, which I say proudly, but sometimes it gets me in trouble!! Sometimes change has to come even when we aren’t ready, expectations have to be let down in order to see our true path. I’ve been forced to make decisions to let the negativity and presence of what others think, determine my happiness, or to let it roll away. And unfortunately I have been letting it effect me more than I ever should. It has become habit to worry. Now I’m in the mode of trying to breaking the cycle, and letting go! Sometimes when a feeling becomes habit, even a bad feeling, it’s hard to let them go because it’s become all you know and expect… So today, let go, even for a second, and smile… Don’t let the outside get to the inside. Stay true to who you know you are! Don’t let what people think of you change you. This has been my own little pep talk lately and I hope that maybe it will encourage some of you too….



Sunshine state of mind!!


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Hello all!!
Well, the sunshine has finally arrived here where I’m at in Washington, none too soon! I am a total summer girl! I spent at least a month every summer growing up visiting my dad down in California and absolutely crave SUNSHINE! This summer my husband and I are planning a road trip down the coast from Portland to San Francisco area, and I have been diligently shopping and hoarding gathering cute clothes, fun new items and summer essentials for our trip!! With my birthday on May 1st I got completely spoiled and had a nice chunk to spend at H&M and F21 so I’m getting a head start on the cute clothes… But, underneath it all, your skin and hair are what need the MOST attention when the heat is on! I am a budget conscious girl, so this stuff is easy to find at your local drugstore, Target, Walmart or Amazon… A few of my favorite beauty items gearing up for the summer have been: (THESE ARE JUST MY OPINIONS, these companies have NOT given me any goodies or bribed me to say nice things)

1. Maui Babe Browning Lotion
I got mine off Amazon and am already noticing nice tan glow, just don’t wear white while using it, because like the name, it will stain them brown!!

2. Loreal Silky Sheer BB tinted Sunscreen, SPF50.
This stuff is SO light weight, I have sensitive skin and I am not bothered by it or breakouts from it one bit! I have NEVER been big on sunscreen, but let’s face it, nobody wants their skin, especially on their face to look like a old leather saddle, so I have decided to be diligent about SPF on my face at the least! (Bonus: the browning lotion works OVER sunscreen!! Win win.)

3. I am a lip balm Junkie! I seriously have at least 4 in my purse, but, my favorite for Summer is Hawaiian Tropic Tropical Flavor SPF45. It’s delicious!

4. OGX (Organix) Coconut Milk Conditioner, it smells like vacation and leaves your locks silky!!

5. Last but not least!! Dry Shampoo. I have tried A LOT and my favorite drugstore brand is Dove. I think it smells the best and gives the perfect amount of texture… Others I’ve tried are Not My Mothers Clean Freak dry shampoo, and Suave (which smells like Mangoes) but I honestly kept looking for something more, and then I tried the Dove, it will be stocked in my bathroom from now on!

Hope you all enjoy the Sunshine!!


Ready, Set, Go!!!


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Hello all! Ok, so I know I need to pick up the pace a little bit on my posts, but I feel like if I’m not “inspired” I don’t want to just write randomly and bore anyone… So I’ve been waiting until the perfect thing popped up!
I have been doing a lot of research on good makeup products, ordered a couple of new things to try and am now trying to compile a list of “Must-Haves” for my summer beauty bag!
I am a huge fan of face wipes for a quick on the go, or to lazy to wash good, clean. Recently I strayed from my usual E.L.F. $3 wipes and tried some from Forever21, and honestly I was a little disappointed 😦 I will be going back to my tried and true, but I am always willing to try something new, you never know when you could find a new favorite! Husband and I are planning a trip this summer, and for some reason I love collecting new little products or samples of goodies to take and “test”…
So, here’s where you come in: What are your faves, and why?? Anything worth splurging on, or a great steal you can’t pass up? What are your favorite “vacation goodies” that you love to use while you’re traveling?? READY, SET, GO!!!


DIY Pillows

Ok! I have had a crazy hectic week last week, and a really great weekend with my hubby, but now it’s back to normal and I will *try* to do this pillow how-to and have it make sense πŸ˜‰

I really wanted to freshen up for spring, and when I saw the price tag on some pillows that caught my eye, I decided, with my sewing skills I could just MAKE some!! I also don’t have a lot of time, or patience for anything too complicated! Now don’t worry, this is about as easy as it gets, and hopefully my explanation doesn’t complicate it πŸ˜‰ So whether you have no experience or years, it’s do-able! It’s also easy on the bank… I wanted a neutral but durable fabric, and painters drop cloths (from your hardware store… I got mine at Lowes) are perfect! And between $5-$10 you can make these pillows and more! For the filling, I got the $2.50 pillows from Walmart, that happened to be half off the day I bought them! SCORE!
You’ll also need some iron on Velcro, I had some leftover from another project, so I’m not 100% on price, but not more than a couple bucks!

First off wash and dry your drop cloth so it’s preshrunk and softened up a bit. Then you need to lay it out and cut a 20.5 in. wide by 47 in. strip. Line it up so there is a
finished edge on one of the ends.

Next fold your fabric in thirds lengthwise, so the right sides are together, the two ends overlap with the finished edge ON THE BOTTOM (otherwise your unfinished edge will be visible) and adjust it to 20in., so you should have a square! Pin the sides so they are lined up.. Sew your sides up about a 1/4in. in from the edge. That’s it! Two straight lines!!
Turn it so the “right” side of the fabric is out! Your finished edge should overlap the cut edge you have a pillow cover!!

Now for the Velcro, I cut 3 pieces Velcro about 1.5 inches long and put one in the middle and two on each end to keep the flap closed after you get the pillow in! Follow the directions on the box for the iron on Velcro… But don’t worry, it’s easy-peasy!!

Next… Stuff your pillow in, Velcro it up, and voila!!

Please feel free to ask Q’s if any of this was confusing, I tried to simplify it as best I could πŸ™‚


Ok. So I had a post all ready to go, and then, an amazing conversation with my husband happened… and that post turned into this one!
Having a “blended family”, we encounter a lot of issues a traditional family unit doesn’t. His three, that aren’t here all the time, my three that are, and our one together (yep, that’s 7 total!!)… I know you’re thinking “The Brady Bunch” right?? This has brought us on a journey neither of us were really prepared for or sure how to navigate! A lot of our time is put into kids. Because we don’t have a lot of “us” time without kids life gets overwhelming. I know you’re all probably thinking “duh. When you have kids, couple time is gone!” Well for us it’s not just a want, it’s life and death! Finding that beautiful balance of giving children the time they need and want, including children that aren’t “yours”, and finding time for your love. The one you chose for eternity. The one that will still be by your side when the kids are gone!
I have been thinking lately about how I felt as a child. A memory we often don’t take time to reflect on, and it occurred to me my memories and my perception of my parents has less to do with “events” and more about feelings.
I often worry about how I am is going to affect my kids, how they will look back on their childhood and remember our family and life at home. Will they remember I didn’t buy them a certain toy? Will they care that I didn’t sit on the floor and play cars? I don’t remember my mom sitting and playing with me, she didn’t spend her day entertaining me. Sure, she did fun stuff that I have wonderful memories of, but what I remember most is how I felt!
I knew the love between her and my stepdad was a priority to her, but it didn’t make me feel left out, or less important, it made me feel safe! I think a lot if parents (especially those in blended families) feel like they have to DO more to make up for absence, or the lack of that they see in their children, but the most valuable thing they can give them is a happy home, and the memory of knowing mom and dad (stepparent or not) were happy together. Make your spouse a priority, and your kids will benefit in a way that you could never imagine! What a win-win πŸ˜‰

stay tuned for my next post!!
Shop your house… And EASY PILLOWS!! Simple ways to freshen up your home for Spring🌷



Springing Forward

Good Morning!! Well here it is, my first blog post. I have been wanting to start a blog for a WHILE now. And what better day to start than the first day of Spring?! A new season, a fresh start! I think I have felt a little held back and intimidated because so many people have blogs about the stuff I am interested in and want to blog about.Β It’s a big leap of faith to put yourself, your words, out there into the world. But I am letting go of my fear, and springing forward, into a new season with new possibilities. Like most things in life, the first step is the hardest. Plunging into the unknown can be scary, but freeing all at the same time. I hope you will start this journey with me! I am excited to see where it will take me. ~d